The springs that make up the "Comal Springs System" are among the highest volume
in the Southwest U.S.  Together they average around 300 cubic feet per second.

The Largest Springs in the Southwest
One of Several Springs that feed the Comal System
Comal Springs
Looking Downstream from the Spring Pictured Above

Free flowing from the Edwards Aquifer
Another of Several Springs comprising the Comal System

Bass with Tilapia in Comal River
Comal River Bass with "non-native Tilapia"

Hill Country History
State Historical Society

Fly Fishing Texas
Largemouth Bass Ready to Ambush Prey
Fly Fishing Lessons Near Austin and San Antonio
Comal River Wier at Landa Park, New Braunfels, Texas
Fly Fishing Texas
Comal River Dam and Chute

The article below appeared in the Jan / Feb 2010 issue of Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine


Fly Fishing Texas
Looking Downstream from the Spring pictured on the Left